The periodic table – Helium

Learn more about Helium and its interesting facts. Did you enjoy this video? Would you be encouraged to learn more about chemistry? Make a comment below


Collaboration with

On Monday the 26th of February, came to the University of Nottingham to make an interview about myself. They were interested in my input on science communication and my use of social media to promote science and my research.

They also selected me as an Ambassador of Sustainability as I use some of the lab equipment they provide to minimise the waste of water in the chemistry lab.

Further information can be found here.


Collaboration with the Female Scientist association

The portrait of myself as a Female Scientist can also be found here

Meet Teresa Ambrosio – scientist – woman – advocate!


PhD and anxiety – Part 2

A while ago, I wrote an article about PhD and mental health issues starting the hashtag #YouAreNotAlone. The outcome was impressive. The article went viral and got around 3500 views. I got so many feedback from people grateful that I shared my experience and came up with solutions. Back then, I encouraged students to seek professional advice and talk to a counsellor. Many universities provide this service for free.

A recent study showed that 50% of scholars suffer or have experienced mental health issues due to their academic work. This is an alarming percentage considering that, outside academia, only 27% of the population suffers from anxiety. So, if you go through a PhD, your chance of getting through depression and anxiety double.
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How do we encourage more women into STEM?

This article has also ben publish by the female scientist association.

A recent report published by the Royal Society of Chemistry, Diversity Landscape of the Chemical Science, put together some of the available evidence about the current state of diversity in the chemical sciences, with the particular focus on the United Kingdom. Specifically, three different parameters were taken into account: gender, disability and minority ethnicity.

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PhD Life – How to make an outstanding academic presentation

Conference season is coming soon and you are might be wondering wheter to apply for one. When I started my PhD, my supervisor told me that one of the criteria to have a successful PhD is the presentation of your work at academic conferences. To be more precise, what you should need is attendance at three conferences and you must have done at least an oral presentation.

When it comes to oral presentation, everyone gets super scared. Talking for the first time to a competent and specific audience might be quite intimidating.  Also, lack of experience in presenting your work outside the familiar environment of your research group can be seen as a huge challenge to overcome.

I received loads of training and attended loads of early-career, student-led conferences and I am writing this article to share a few tips with you.
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The Periodic Table – Hydrogen

Check this video to learn more about hydron and its interesting facts.

What’s catalysis? My research on C-H activation

This video will explain the concept of catalysis and give an insight on the emerging field of C-H activation.


PubhD #47: Chemistry, Biology and Social Psychology – My research on C-H activations

PubhD is an OutReach and public engagement event where local PhD students go to a pub and talk about their research to the general public. PhD runs in the main cities in Europe, Lisbon, Dublin, London etc. etc.

Wed the 21st of Feb, I gave my talk and told about my research on catalysis and C-H activations. I will give a brief summary here.

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The periodic table

While I was wondering in Nottingham, I came across this book and I bought it straight away. This is where my passion from chemistry started from: by studying the periodic table, the “rational” collection of all the elements on earth. If you want to buy the same book please click here.

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