A long while ago, I have written an article about habits of successful people. If interested, please read my previous article. Today, I want to move forward and share the secret of their success. What made people successful in the first place? For example, what does it take for an athlete to win the gold medal at the Olympic games? What does it take for an actor or actress to be a celebrity in Hollywood? What does it take for a big professor to publish papers in Science and Nature?

These people have different skills, an athlete is good at gymnastic, an actor at playing and a professor is good at science. Apparently, It seems that there isn’t actually much they share. Someone might think they are lucky or they were born rich and had access to special trainings that other people don’t have. But luck or a wealth background doesn’t make all the people successful and, most of them, really successful people come from nothing, like Einstein or Steve Jobs. Ray Krok, the guy who created the multi-millionaire empire McDonald’s was a no-one born in an unknown town in Illinois.

So, what’s their secret? What do they have in common? Well, THEIR SECRET IS THEIR MIND, they all have the same mind-set of setting and achieve goals. When they want something, they get it. They are all determined, and strong willing people, who, once they set a target, they do whatever it takes to achieve their target. No matter, if they fail, if things don’t go according to plans, if friends of family disappoint them, they KEEP GOING, MOVE FORWARD, starting over and over again until they get to the place they want to be. They make loads of sacrifice either financially and often give up on their social life.

Their secret is DETERMINATION. Very often,  success comes with fame or money, because if you are a strong and determined person, other people start believing and investing in you. You become a model to follow, someone to respect and learn from.

However, in my opinion, these are only a consequence of success. Not having enough money or not being famous doesn’t necessarily mean that people are losers. They can still be a model for their family, their friends or people in their community without being on top of headlines or having massive bank accounts.

To conclude, the way to success is hard and painful, above all if you come from nothing or what you want to achieve is tough and challenging. The way forward to achieve your goals is HARD WORK and DETERMINATION.

Hope you enjoy and feel free to leave a comment either if you agree or disagree with my idea of success.


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  1. Cara Teresa la Determinazione è uno degli skill che una persona deve avere. Altri e non meno importanti sono la costanza, la perseveranza e soprattutto l’umila’. Quest’ultima è quella che ti fa mettere in discussione e ti fa rimettere in piedi dopo un insuccesso. Ogni fallimento è solo una maggiore esperienza.

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