I hate plastic.

It’s polluting our environment and destroying marine life. I recently wrote an article about Ooho, an edible and biodegradable membrane, which will hopefully substitute single-use plastic. I will now share a few items that I bought to improve sustainability and help the only planet we have to live and last longer.

Here the list: (click the link to buy these items on Amazon)

A lunch box: making your own lunch and use a lunch box will not only prevent making more and more rubbish but also improve your health! Have you heard about phthalates? They are very dangerous chemicals that cause asthma, diabetes, cancer, fertility issues etc. They are mostly found in the normal takeaway lunch boxes. In the USA, 2/3 of the population eats at least one meal outside.

Do a favour to the planet and yourself, stop buying food outside.

A water bottle: I hate buying spring water and fizzy drinks. The single-use water bottles are destroying the planet and sugar in fizzy drinks is destroying your health. Check out the way sugar is killing you slowly!

Do you know that sugar is 10 times more addictive than cocaine despite it is legal?

Menstrual cups: Have it occurred to you to walk on the beach and see pads and tampons laying around? They aren’t only disgusting but also heavily polluting the environment. If you are a woman reading this article, try them, you’ll never go back to disposable tampons.

Washing-up and bath-time pads: I didn’t know about them. I just went to an independent shop in Nottingham yesterday and found them. I will never ever buy their plastic version anymore.

Treat yourself with a nice warm bath and your new plastic-free, biodegradable bath-time pad.

A bamboo toothbrush: they are lovely. You will not notice the difference. Toothbrushes are mainly made of plastic which will end up in oceans and stay there forever. Bamboo is natural and will eventually degrade. Best purchase of the year.

Have you heard about the search engine Ecosia? The algorithm work as well as Google’s with the small difference that all the money earned from advertisement goes to plant trees in Africa and the Amazon forest. Switch your search engine from Google to Ecosia and save your lungs from breathing junk air.

Do you want to help the Amazon forest last longer? Switch to Ecosia.

On top of this, there is a lot more you can do. Walking, cycling to work, buying a shopping bag for the small cost of 0.80 cents, using public transport for long distances, switch off the lights when not needed will save the planet and your budget.



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