The Sunshine blog award is a peer-nominated award given to bloggers who write positive, creative and inspiring content.

Amanda Coletti, founder of The Illuminated Brain nominated me and I will use this space to talk a bit more about me and my favourite blogs.

My blog is closely related to my Instagram page @phd_to_success

I am more active on IG as it takes less time to create short captions rather than long blog posts.

Cap3My name is Teresa and, in the big scheme of things, I’m doing a PhD in Sustainable Chemistry. The first semester of my PhD was a master in green and sustainable chemistry and we explored the current challenges of Sustainability from a chemical point of view. Providing clean energy, food security, use of biomasses are all problems where chemistry can make a strong impact.

In this big scheme, I found my niche and decided to do my research on catalysis. In fact, the design and optimisation of new catalytic reactions is one of the 12 principles of green chemistry. In simple words, by using a catalyst we allow some reactions to occur at mild temperature, pressure and pH, rather than using more drastic conditions. Ideally, we’d like to perform reactions as smoothly as nature does, but we are far away from reaching perfection hence we need to explore and investigate more.

Outside the lab, I do many things. I found this website where I share my experience as grad student and my research. Mostly, I try to help other students in their transition from academia to industry. All the things I know come from the additional training the University of Nottingham provides for grad students. I have an entire section of my blog “The Grad School Advice” to talk about it.

My social media presence has been very rewarding. I secured important collaborations within and beyond the chemistry world.

  1. My IG profile was featured by the Women In Tech as a model of women empowerment.
  2. I presented my recent campaign on IG #featurethechemistry at the Society of Chemical Industry HQ in London. #featurethechemistry is an initiative I started a couple of months ago to promote more outreach of the chemical science. This came after the RoyalSociety of Chemistry published a provocative article ‘Chemistry isn’t boring you are boring’ to encourage chemists to show off how chemistry is hidden behind everyday life. Everyone can contribute to the initiative. Use the hashtag when you want to share cool stuff about chemistry.
  3. I was interviewed by the Royal Society of Chemistry to talk about my experience of doing research while dealing with depression. Follow this link to know more.

My favourite blogs are:

The Scientific Beauty by Sophie: Sophie has a PhD in biochemistry and works as a medical writer. The website covers fashion and the science behind skincare products. As a good Italian, I love her space promoting self-care and the culture of looking good.

Sujanee – Lifestyle and Education by Susanna Park: Susanna is doing a PhD in global health. I love her blog and Instagram page as she talked about real-life problems such as the refugee crisis, depression and the struggle of belonging to minorities.

Your Klattalyst for Change by Diana Klatt: Diana is doing a PhD and she spends her “free” time trying to help others through physical and mental health as well as just providing interesting information. She also strives to educate others on what they can do for the world and humankind through science.

The LabCoat Tales by Nduta: The Labcoat Tales conducts independent evidence-based science communication which takes a lot of time and effort but it is work that is necessary.

The Sushi Scientist by Janelle Letzen – Janelle is a postdoctoral researcher who creates artwork with sushi to tell about complex biochemistry processes. Have you heard of something more genius than this?

Hope you liked my selection of bloggers who provide unique, educative and creative content.

Let me know what you want to know more about myself, my research and my life outside the lab by making a comment. Engaging with my content will help me in gaining visibility and carry on going to my work to help students. Thanks


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  1. Wow I’m so honored to be chosen as one of your favs!!! There are so many inspiring and educational bloggers/IGers that I admire so much. You are among the first academic bloggers that I connected with and can’t be thankful enough for all the support you give. Much love, xoxo!

    • Hi Susanna, I really like your page and the things you do. You have unique and really interesting content that I don’t find anywhere else!

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