Myself and Rachel @theblondebiologist finally met. She invited me to go to the #walkforfreedom organised by @a21. Modern slavery comes in different forms such as sexual exploitation, child labour, underpaid work and traditional human trafficking. Currently, there are millions of slaves around the world. Only 1% get rescued and, even worse, less than 1% of traffickers get convinced. In the UK, there are an estimated number of 10000-13000 victims and the cash flow generated by these criminal activities is about £104.5 million per year.

Science didn’t do a great job here. Back in the days, tests and experiments were undertaken to sp


ot differences in intelligence according to races. The USA army did this to demonstrate that African-Americans were inferior and use the argument to promote racial segregation. Hitler attempted to do the same trying to prove that the Arian race was superior to the Jewish one.
Recently a paper came out in Nature claiming that there was a genetic predisposition to university success. If you can’t download the paper, I put it in a dropbox folder, feel free to download it by clicking here. I’m not familiar with qualitative research methods so I can’t criticise the quality of the research. But The American Society of Human Genetics speaks clearly. This is just rubbish sold as science. Every argument that uses genetics to put group of people above others isn’t genetics. And it drives mad when bad science makes it to one of the most respectable journals. Don’t ever believe that belonging to a minority, a rural background, the low-income household will prevent you to succeed in life. The only recipe for success is hard work and commitment.


Finally, with regards to the walk for freedom, we walked around Nottingham city centre in silence giving these fliers and raise awareness about the problem. People don’t usually speak up about these things because threatened by their harassers. We just wanted to tell that we are close and ready to give them a voice.


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