The biggest myth about global warming is that it’s due to natural events. Some politicians use this statement to ditch international agreements for their own interests, “Climate variations always occurred and we’re facing one of this period”.

This is very far from the truth We’re all responsible for this.

Atmosphere temperature is raising and this is due to our insatiable appetite for energy and commodities. We’re taking ancient carbon which took ages to become coal and savagely put into the atmosphere again. And since we’re the smartest, we’re also clearing the only species able to store CO2. Have you heard of the deforestation of the Amazon forest? We are reversing 800000 years of natural evaluation in a few decades.

Global warming is causing the melting of ice in the North and South pole and the extinction of many species of animals. Last time such a catastrophe took place is was because a meteorite hit our planet. Do you remember the extinction of dinosaurs?

Humans activities have been worst that the crush with a meteorite!


We did have periods of extreme weather in the past. The main reasons were slow variations of the way Earth spins around the Sun. Astronomists didn’t observe any recently.

What’s the science behind global warming? Do you actually know why some gases are called greenhouse gases? Molecules, such as carbon dioxide and water, are made of atoms. Atoms create bonds which we usually represent with sticks and balls, but they aren’t static at all. Specifically, atoms vibrate and the best description of atomic bonds is a spring. The figure below shows the way atomes in the water molecule vibrate.


The frequency of these vibrations is the same as the IR radiations emitted by the sun and the reason why the sun keep us warm. IR radiations are basically heat. To make a long story short, due to these vibrations, molecules, such carbon dioxide and water, can absorb heat so if the emission of these gases is too high we end up with the problem of global warming.

We all know about carbon dioxide, but there is another greenhouse gas, which no one talks about, that is far more dangerous: methane. Methane is a side product of farming and agriculture. The major producer of methane is cows. They are responsible of the emission of 500 kg of methane every day because they fart a lot.

Changing habits is the only way forward to reduce our impact on the planet. Take action now by reading the lazy person guide provided by the United Nation.


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