The story about my weight loss – Food plan- Chapter 2


Once I had made up my mind about losing weight, I needed the most important thing: a diet. Obviously, it wasn’t the first time I started a diet. I have always been overweighed and I have always wanted to get slim. I did manage to lose weight when I was 14 and during my second year at University but I have no clue what I did. It just happened and I put on weight again straight after.

I needed a more serious plan. So, what do you do when you are a poor student with little money and you cannot afford paying a dietician? You might be thinking β€œEasy Teresina! Eat healthy”. But I was already eating healthy, no fried food, no sugar, no cakes, no dessert, no McDonald, no Burger King. How could I have found a solution with zero money and no understanding of nutrition? Simple answer! You just do what you do every day: wasting time browsing the internet. And this is when I came across the Free NHS 12-week plan. A FREE guide which gives advice on healthy eating! At that time, it seemed like a miracle: I found exactly what I was after for FREE.
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The story of my weight loss. Chapter 1

I have started this blog to tell everyone the story about my weight loss. I have always wanted to do this: be motivation and inspiration for other people. I had no one to motivate and support me at the start, I found energy and inspiration in myself because I was very unhappy with my life. I decided to change and the first thing to do was my figure.

Moving to England (Oct 2015) was a big step in my life and I was badly influenced by their unhealthy lifestyle. I used to eat and drink everything. After Christmas (Jan 2016) I got my heaviest weight ever (75 kg, around 12 stones, 165 pounds). Bad influence also comes from people and I left many people behind during this journey. I call them toxic people now and get rid of them was the preliminary step for success.
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