What is love? Cosa è l’amore? – Story of my weight loss – Part 7


As I said in my previous chapter, I never had my own relationship. I used to hang out with a few guys when I was at school, but nothing serious, and I got bored very soon as, after a few months, we both realised that we weren’t good for each other or we wanted different things (like marriage: crazy!!!).

Now, I live in a different country where people get engaged at 22 years and if they aren’t, they make plans to live together or buy houses. I live in a place where people think that you are no one if you don’t have a relationship and the only questions they ask are about relationships and previous relationships. I am most of the time surrounded by people who need a relationship not because of love. They need topics to engage with conversations otherwise they won’t be able to talk about anything else.
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My family – La famiglia – Story of my weight loss – Chapter 6


I have already said how some people were nice and supportive along the way, personal trainers, friends, and so on. What about people who have been there forever? What about people we didn’t choose? People who were there before us? People who placed us in this world? What about family? This chapter is for them and I am sure that all the words of the world won’t be enough to tell my gratitude for them.
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The way we change – Story of my weight loss – Part 5


As a teenager and during university, I wasn’t very successful with boys. I understand I wasn’t the most attractive girl in the school, and I have always been told that people should appreciate you because of the way you are and not the way you look. This is very easy to say but it doesn’t make you feel better. I was at the pub with friends last night and they were talking about a girl, who was on a date, and she was left alone only because the boy saw a much more attractive lady. I felt sorry for her as the same used to happen to me all the times. Boys came and talked to me only because they were interested in my much prettier female friends.
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What I used to eat? Which excerices? Story of my weight loss – Part 4


Ciao and thanks everyone for reading my blog! I can’t believe how many people have been reading my writing. I got some feedback regarding my two previous articles. 1) everyone was surprised that I managed to lose weight by eating carbs! I am not lying at all, I used to eat, bread, pasta every day and a lot. 2) I wasn’t very specific about exercises

I am trying to answer both questions. Just to clarify, I am not a nutritionist, dietician or fitness instructor. I made up this diet by myself and it worked for me! This means that it worked for a female in good shape, 26, no significant medical condition (but craziness and Italianess). Also, I was doing a lot of physical activity 4/5 times per week.
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The gym – Story of my weight loss – Chapter 3


After sorting out my food plan, the next step to be successful with my diet was to get more active. And what is the most straightforward solution to get more active?? Join the gym. If you are Italian, the only period of the year where you are forced to go to the gym is the week before your summer holiday. You work out insanely with the funny idea you can get a bikini body in one week. After this, you forget the gym for the rest of the year. Who is happy to sweat, enjoy pain and stay indoor when you can easily enjoy beer and sunshine outdoor?
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The story about my weight loss – Food plan- Chapter 2


Once I had made up my mind about losing weight, I needed the most important thing: a diet. Obviously, it wasn’t the first time I started a diet. I have always been overweighed and I have always wanted to get slim. I did manage to lose weight when I was 14 and during my second year at University but I have no clue what I did. It just happened and I put on weight again straight after.

I needed a more serious plan. So, what do you do when you are a poor student with little money and you cannot afford paying a dietician? You might be thinking “Easy Teresina! Eat healthy”. But I was already eating healthy, no fried food, no sugar, no cakes, no dessert, no McDonald, no Burger King. How could I have found a solution with zero money and no understanding of nutrition? Simple answer! You just do what you do every day: wasting time browsing the internet. And this is when I came across the Free NHS 12-week plan. A FREE guide which gives advice on healthy eating! At that time, it seemed like a miracle: I found exactly what I was after for FREE.
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The story of my weight loss. Chapter 1

I have started this blog to tell everyone the story about my weight loss. I have always wanted to do this: be motivation and inspiration for other people. I had no one to motivate and support me at the start, I found energy and inspiration in myself because I was very unhappy with my life. I decided to change and the first thing to do was my figure.

Moving to England (Oct 2015) was a big step in my life and I was badly influenced by their unhealthy lifestyle. I used to eat and drink everything. After Christmas (Jan 2016) I got my heaviest weight ever (75 kg, around 12 stones, 165 pounds). Bad influence also comes from people and I left many people behind during this journey. I call them toxic people now and get rid of them was the preliminary step for success.
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